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Hey Chat! Mobile App login screen


Firestone Creative Logo Isolated Flame

Firestone Creative were tasked with creating the graphics for a chat and messaging app, called Hey Chat!. Our initial deliverables were to create visuals for the main landing page, as well as a dashboard view, showing a users chat box and recommended groups to explore.

  • Digital App Design

  • UX/UI Design

Approach & Result

Firestone Creative Logo Isolated Flame

We wanted to create a minimalistic design, which above all else would allow users to easily navigate around the app. We felt that white space was important to ensure it doesn’t feel too cluttered and difficult to find certain features.

The landing page utilises a person using the app with a duotone layer over the top. This ensures the company logo stands out. The page allows the user to very simply log in to the app or direct them to the signup page. We wanted the landing page to be graphical, using a lifestyle shot, to draw the users in.

Like the landing page, the dashboard design is quite simplistic. It allows the user to easily view not only their chats, but also their recommended groups. It also allows them to view any saved media they have added. At the top we have added in 3 easily accessible links to enable them to change their settings and profile, whilst giving them easy access to their chats.

Man holding phone whilst using Hey Chat! App
Hey Chat! app on phone, which is sitting on a desk
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