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How we tackled the brief given to us
Firestone Creative Logo Isolated Flame
Bailoy A5 landscape promotional brochure

About our work

Firestone Creative were employed by Bailoy Irrigation Control Systems to enhance their expansive Marcomms suite, as well as create some new marketing items. Bailoy are the forerunners in decoder-based irrigation control systems. They design and manufacture their products for Golf, SportsTurf and landscape applications.

We have worked on several items with them, including:

  • Branded documents
  • Company price list in web and print formats, as well as translated into different languages
  • A5 brochure
  • Promotional USB credit card and accompanying A5 flyer
  • New product logo

We worked very closely with them to ensure we matched their vision and requirements. Working in different languages, we also needed to maximise our attention to detail, to ensure work is of the highest quality. Overall, we were able to create items that ensure Bailoy continue to stand out from the crowd, across multiple platforms.

  • Print Design

  • Logo Design

  • Point-of-Sale

Bailoy A5 landscape promotional brochure inside pages
Bailoy product logo on light background
Bailoy GTI Reach logo with stadium image in background
Bailoy A5 promotional flyer and USB Credit Card
Bailoy USB Credit Card with design
Firestone Creative Logo Isolated Flame Negative


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